Why Pharmabook?

“Pharmabook” is a pharmaceutical professional book for Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) towards the development of current pharmacy practice as well as the career of Pharmacists in pharmacy profession. Pharmacists are the skilled professionals to discover, development, manufacture medicines as well as the custodians to control dispense and provide necessary pharmaceutical care to the patients. Pharmacists are the responsible personnel to detail on medicines regarding its indication, mechanism of action, route of action, dose and administration, side-effects, warnings, contra-indications, adverse effects, drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, metabolism & elimination and others necessary information’s related to medicines among all relevant health professionals as well as to the patients on its proper and rational intended use.

Pharmacy is a multi-dimensional profession where Pharmacists need to practice in different sector like industrial pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, community & retail pharmacy as well as regulatory, marketing, academic, research & development (R&D), pharmaceutical guideline & policy making at national level. Pharmacists are the part of core health management team and assists other team members by ensuring  smooth supply chain of medicines and required pharmaceutical care towards the patients to achieve best treatment outcomes without compromising patient safety. Pharmacists are responsible for manufacturing quality medicines and control its availability through proper regulatory requirements as well as ensures its potency, efficacy, safety through maintaining proper storage conditions towards the end users. Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) is very much important for all practicing pharmacists as well as other relevant healthcare providers to be able to update themselves on current information’s on new molecules and changes or warnings on existing medicinal usage. “Pharmabook” is serving the purpose to achieve its goal to ensure quality pharmaceutical care  and seeking assistance from all healthcare providers to make “Pharmabook” more effective & useful through continuous support & contributions.

Disclaimer: “Pharmabook” is a site for education purpose and continuing development of skills & knowledge of pharmaceutical and other healthcare providers. Using “Pharmabook” as a reference to consult patients is not allowed and “Pharmabook” will not take any responsibility for such practice by anyone. Please always visit relevant licensed health professionals for consultation.