Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by the Pharmabook readers are posted here. Click and check answer below;

FAQ 1: What is the basic difference between antibiotics and antimicrobials?

FAQ 2: What are the right antidotes and doses for Cyanide poisoning? How does it works (Mode of action)?

FAQ 3: What is the right antidote and doses for benzodiazepines toxicity? How does it works (Mode of action)?

FAQ 4: Considering Therapeutic Index & Lethal Dose; which one from the below conditions is applicable to be a relatively safer drug for the patients in terms of overdose toxicity & side effects?

FAQ 5: What is Pharmacovigilance?

FAQ 6: What are Essential Medicine? Why a country must have an Essential Medicines List (EML)?

FAQ 7: As a Pharmacist what is your recommendation for a patient who is taking Insulin for diabetes melitus and would like to be fasting during the day for a particular period of time to perform his/her religious direction during Holy Ramadaan?

FAQ 8: Do you know where and when world’s first ever Pharmacy outlet opened?


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