Myself a Pharmacist from Bangladesh currently practicing in Botswana, Southern Africa as Registered Pharmacist at Ministry of Health. Acquired B. Pharm (Hon’s) from University of Development Alternative (UODA), Bangladesh in 2007 and started career as a Hospital Pharmacist at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, Bangladesh in the same year. Joined Ministry of Health, Republic of Botswana in 2009 and stared working in Palapye Hospital, Botswana. In 2010 joined Botswana Essential Drugs Action Programme (BEDAP) on a govt. transfer and later on in 2012 moved to Central Medical Stores (CMS) where I’m still working. In this small journey i had the privilege to work in different sector in the government as a Pharmacist and i have managed to gather some knowledge on the entire pharmaceutical care system of a country in the public sector. Starting from hospital pharmacy practice i have worked at national level of pharmaceutical policy & guideline making as well as in the national supply chain of medicines in the whole country. During my service in the ministry of health i also had a opportunity to acquire post graduate training on HIV/AIDS treatment management from Botswana Harvard HIV/AIDS Institute under school of public health, Harvard University, USA and Paediatric HIV/AIDS from Baylor Children’s Care Center of Clinical Excellence, Botswana under Baylor College of Medicines, Texas, USA. My primary objective to Create “Pharmabook” is to explore and share experiences with all relevant health professionals & institutions as well as pharmacy students to strengthen hospital, clinical and community pharmacy practice in Bangladesh. My goal is to reform and refrain pharmaceutical clinical care in both private & public sector in Bangladesh and take it to the global standard to ensure patient safety as well as to up hold this profession as Pharmacist.

“Let’s work together for a healthier world”

Thank You

Mohammed Younus                                                                                                              

B.Pharm (Hon’s), R.Ph. EMBA  

Founder- Pharmabook