Pharmabook Call for Manuscripts

Dear Fellow Pharmacists, hope we all are doing well. I am very excited to announce that Pharmabook is inviting for articles and features related to pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical care from Pharmacists around the world. Your valuable contribution towards Pharmabook will enrich pharmacy profession as well as Continuing Pharmacy Education. Please make sure you are in line with following criteria before you send;

1. Title of the article/feature.
2. Name and address of main author and co-authors (if applicable).
3. Feature (minimum 1000 words & maximum 3000 words).
4. Abstract for article (maximum 500 words).
5. Main body of article (minimum 3000 words & maximum 10,000 words).
6. Results and/or Findings (maximum 500 words).
7. Recommendations (maximum 500 words).
8. References (linked in the main body at the top right corner of the sentences).
9. Disclaimer (declaring of commercial interests if any).

1. Authors are requested not to send any article in his/her name that is not written by the author him/herself.
2. Any legal & copyright related issues with the articles/features, author will be fully responsible and accountable.
3. Professional criticism will be appreciated but article/feature must not contain any hate comments which may go against a specific person, profession, group, ethnicity, race and country.
4. Manuscript will be reviewed by the editorial board of Pharmabook before it is published. Pharmabook will inform author if there is any changes/modifications needed prior to publish.
5. If your article/feature does not meet above mentioned criteria, Pharmabook has full right not to publish and author will be informed about it.
6. Pharmabook also has full right not to publish a article/feature despite meeting above criteria on the basis of it’s impact in the society and pharmacy profession based on the decision taken by the editorial board.

You can send microsoft word copy of your manuscript to this email:

Should you need further clarification and co-operation, please feel free to communicate through message/contact option available in the Pharmabook.

Hope for the best

Mohammed Younus Dolon, R.Ph.
Founder – Pharmabook

Check this news in social media at the below link;” target=”_blank”>Pharmabook call for manuscript


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